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Gov. Jan Brewer endorses Willard “Mitt” Romney in Arizona’s GOP primary

Yet another TEA Party supported elected official has fallen into the GOP establishment Kool-Aid tank.  Gov. Brewer has had a rash of bills lately that she’s signed or vetoed against the TEA Party line. Now she stabs the TEA Party in the back by backing the least-conservative candidate for president.

With all due respect Gov. Brewer, there is only ONE word that was needed to help you decide who, at least NOT to endorse… ROMNEYCARE!  Here’s her FB page in case you wanted to contact her and let your feelings be heard.

Does this endorsement and stab in the back of her TEA Party supporters warrant the Benedict Arnold Award? Vote and let’s find out.

Should Gov Jan Brewer be awarded the Benedict Arnold Award for endorsing Willard "Mitt" Romney for president?

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