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The recipient for the first round of the Benedict Arnold Awards is none other than Congressman Bart Stupak (MI 1st U.S. Congressional Dist).

The certificate reads as follows:

Bartholomew Thomas “Bart” Stupak
Know ye that many of the citizens of the United States of America have determined your actions to be in contrast to the cause of their country, and have thereby recommended you for the
Benedict Arnold Award.

After careful review by committee, and public voting, you are hereby accepted
and inducted into the society that supplants serfdom for citizenship.

We would encourage all of those who wish to personally congratulate this congressman to download the prepared certificate, print it, and mail it into his Washington D.C. office (address below).  Although it will take a month for the mail to be screened, and if you live outside the district he cannot reply–it will likely be fun to send it in anyway, and just imagine the staffer’s face as they open the envelope!

If you’re impatient, or just want to save money on postage, you’re welcome to call as a “citizen journalist” and request a comment for your blog.  This generally goes something like:  “Hi, I’m so and so, and am a contributing author for (or your website).  I am writing an article on Congressman Stupak and wondering if he has any comment about being selected to receive the Benedict Arnold Award.”

Media inquires are exceptions to Congressional rules regarding communication with those outside the district.  Yup, no irony there.  Move along now.

It’s recommend that everyone who participated in the voting (and everyone who didn’t), please choose at least one method to communicate to the Congressman that he has been selected to receive this exclusive award.  Please exercise the utmost respect for his office when communicating with him and his staff.  Any personal feelings should be expressed politely.  Remember the citizen representation we have in this nation is sacred.  The process is being defended with Soldier’s blood.

In the meantime feel free to have a bit of fun.  Send in your certificate or call today.  Let us know what happens using the comment section below.

Representative Bart Stupak, Michigan 1st District
2268 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225 4735

For a more complete list of his office numbers and information about the congressman, visit our profile page for Bart Stupak.

Our next round of Voting has begun!  See who the nominees are this round!


Bart Stupak

on April 2, 2010 in Winners

Rep. Bart Stupak (MI 1st U.S. Congressional Dist)

This congressman was selected as the first winner for the Benedict Arnold Award.  For days he held up the healthcare legislation by his stance regarding the federal funding for abortion, then succumbed to the pressure and voted for the legislation.  The “bribe” he got in exchange for his conscience was an executive order signed by the President.  In this video he discusses his decision and that executive order with Fox’s Megyn Kelly.