The Benedict Arnold Award was created by WashingtonIsBroke and Liberty Hawk as a way to apply sarcasm and humor to the serious debate about American Liberty and politics.  The Benedict Arnold Award is designed as a way for frustrated constituents to peaceably express themselves using their rights under the first amendment.

To apply this “award” we make the following assumptions:

  • Benedict Arnold is still alive and signs each certificate.
  • Certificate holders (awardees) are eligible for membership in the Royal Benedict Arnold Society.
  • This site is so popular that our awards actually reflect the sentiment of the majority of those represented.
  • If all of the above conditions exist, then you can take this award process seriously–otherwise, it’s just dry humor.

The Process:

People use the nomination form.  Someone who works on the website reviews it.  A committee of at least *one* person selects five people from the list of nominees.  Once voting reaches a plateau, we close the voting, and announce the awardee.  We’ll gladly create a more cumbersome process in the future, but for now our effectiveness is refreshing, and so we’ll keep it this way.  Note:  We make no claim that anything about this is fair.  If we were doing this “fairly” then we’d have to update the above assumptions, and it wouldn’t be fun anymore.


This site is not intended to show contempt towards any sitting U.S. official.  It’s list of awardess is not intended to be used to support any behavior that violates or infringes upon the rights of others, to include but not limited to, harassment, threats, or any form of violence. No information on this site should be construed in any way to show disrespect towards any official office of the United States Government.  The sacred nature of citizen representation is something that demands reverence, and although this site intends to poke humor it does not intend to do so at the expense of that sacred relationship.


Media inquiries should be made to Jacob@libertyhawk.net.  If looking for a quote about the site, you’re welcome to cut and paste any of the following.

  • We anticipate no shortage of nominees in the foreseeable future. -Jacob Roecker
  • Most people say to give the award to everyone in congress, to which I agree, but we want to give more recognition to those that deserve more recognition. Eventually we’ll go through the rolls and then on to the other branches of government! – Joel Munn aka WashingtonIsBroke
  • I’m going bald.  I figured relieving stress would help grow my hair back.  Hopefully this works.  -Jacob Roecker
  • I’ll add more quotes when I feel like.  This site is designed for our enjoyment, and I’m not going to stress about having good quotes. -Jacob Roecker

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